Tara Showed Up Too

This day really is turning out to be an exciting one! Tara just showed up too. I haven’t seen much of her this month. She’s been very busy with work. I’m glad she came over because I really missed her. We’re all just standing in the kitchen and chatting it up. I offered Tara a burger, but she already ate. Genevieve is really pigging out, hehe! She took a second burger, and these burgers are pretty big! Well, I guess I’m gonna book the day off with some vacation time so we can all hang out together. I hope Genevieve and Tara don’t end up fighting like the last time we were all together...

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Me and Tara Held Hands

This is the best day of my life! Me and Tara finally held hands! Everything is just feeling so right. After finishing our drinks, me and Tara decided to go to the museum together despite both of us be