It's Almost a New Year
It's a party, good friends, and it's almost a new year.

Saturday, December, 1992 WMT - My Place
Tara and Genevieve
Tara and Genevieve drinking some good beer!

Saturday, December, 1992 WMT - My Place
The Rattlesnake
The Rattlesnake, I love this effing place!

Saturday, December, 1992 WMT - Rattlesnake
Tara's New Look
Tara bought herself some new contacts and got her eyebrows done. Looking good, Tara!

Saturday, December, 1992 WMT - My Place
Harper Bartending at the Arid Ridge
Hehe, looking a little more cheerful than earlier, eh, Harper!

Saturday, December, 1992 WMT - Arid Ridge
Foundry Cove
This is a photo I took of my neighborhood, Foundry Cove, in Willow Creek.

Friday, December, 1992 WMT - My Place
Tara Arriving at the Park
A photo of Tara arriving at the park in Pendula View. I love her new outfit. Damn, she looks so cute!

Thursday, December, 1992 WMT - Pendula View Park
My New Athletic Clothes
Here are my new athletic clothes my parents sent me. Man, this hoodie is pretty damn phat!

Thursday, December, 1992 WMT - My Place
My Home
Home sweet home! It's been nearly a year since living here in Willow Creek. I can't believe 1993 is just around the corner. Time sure has passed, but I'm loving it here!

Thursday, December, 1992 WMT - My Place
Stephon Giving Me the Eye
Brutha Stephon giving me the cowboy eye, hehe! That's quite the stare, bro!

Thursday, December, 1992 WMT - Oasis
Me and Stephon
Eliza took a photo of me and Stephon. Don't we just look so fabulous? Nice facial expression, bro. Hehe!

Wednesday, December, 1992 WMT - Blue Velvet
Drinking and Enjoying Some Tunes
I figured I'd make a mix and listen to some sweet tunes before I head off to bed!

Tuesday, December, 1992 WMT - My Place
Stephon Extremely Drunk
Haha, good one, Stephon! You're flippin plastered, bro! I made those Wrenches pretty damn strong!

Tuesday, December, 1992 WMT - Stephon's Place
Me and Stephon Chillin
Bros for life!
Genevieve at the Rattlesnake
Oh Yeah, good stuff! We're having a pretty damn good time hey Genevieve. The night's only gonna get better! Good times good times!
Stephon Eating a Burger
Look at him eat... He's enjoying that huge, beautiful, and delicious burger! Haha, your mouth is watering bro! I know the feeling... my mouth is watering too! These are some pretty damn good burgers. Tara did an excellent job in cooking these!
Genevieve Drinking
Come on Genevieve, keep chugging!
A Selfi of Me and Genvieve
Selfi, selfie, selfi together! Hehe, I'm glad you’re my best friend Genevieve! You're an awesome gal!
Bob and Gilbert are Behind the Bar
Bob and Gilbert are behind the bar with Genevieve! You better watch out girl!
Gilbert's pretty cool, but I feel sorry for him though. It sucks that his dad blew his own head off with a shotgun... That's why he wears that hat, it used to belong to his father...
Looking good, Genevieve!
My Dad Dancing
Hehe, my dad's having a good time! Genevieve is teaching him some new dance moves!
At the museum with Tara
Having a great time with you at the museum Tara!
Tara's Getting Drunk
You're getting pretty drunk, Tara! Hehe, you're so cute!
Stephon and My Dad are Bros
It looks like my dad and Stephon are becoming pretty good bros!
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