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1994 Entries Legacy

May 1994

Me and Tara are having such a lovely time together in the ocean.

Sunday, May, 1994 WMT - Sulani


Alright, it's time to enjoy some sunshine! Me and Tara are just about to go for a swim in the ocean.

Sunday, May, 1994 WMT - Sulani


I'm stuck pondering on what will probably be the most impacting decision I'll ever make. With this endless struggle with time and the darkness, I don't know how much longer I can take of this. I've seen what will come of me if time isn't stopped. A world of memories dying and reality coming to a complete end. The girl who I love, watching my angel perish. My very own self disintegrating into nothingness as my existence is being erased. I don't know if even having a strong mind is enough to prevent this calamity, but perhaps the gift of time is.

Sunday, May, 1994 WMT - Sulani


As Tara said, perhaps purging memories is not the solution. However, what if I can use the gift of time to rewrite history and prevent certain events from happening? What if I can just make it so that it all never happened? On the contrary, what if something goes completely wrong and things become worse? Is time really to be tampered with?

Sunday, May, 1994 WMT - Sulani


Tara was right. Purging myself from the world of the present wouldn't have been the right thing to do, and it would've been a mistake that would've most likely resulted in the death of my existence in all worlds and times. I see the bigger picture. It's not about purging myself from worlds. It's about purging the memories. After everything I've seen and been through, it's very clear that I am of the past. The memories of the present and the far future must be purged. It's the only way to stop the darkness. Time cannot continue if there are no more memories of the present or the far future.

Sunday, May, 1994 WMT - Sulani


After the experience I just had, and what it showed me, it's time for me to take action. I've seen enough of that so-called world of the present of the 2020s or whatever damn place in time it is. Whatever is happening there is affecting me here, and I can't let this continue any further. I will not let it rob me of my life here as it appears to have done so there. I have to use what's left of my gift and destroy time itself to purge myself from that awful place.

Sunday, May, 1994 WMT - Sulani


April 1994

Me and Tara just arrived in Sulani. We picked out the rental unit that we're going to be staying at while we're here, and is it ever so breathtakingly beautiful. It's also right next to the ocean. Me and Tara are in paradise!

Saturday, April, 1994 WMT - My Place


Just a sleep away until me and Tara head off to Sulani and ride the ocean waves. Beach life is the life!


Friday, April, 1994 WMT - My Place


Me and Tara are heading off to Sulani tomorrow. The ocean. <3


Friday, April, 1994 WMT - My Place


You know, sometimes life doesn't go as planned. I was just that guy enjoying life, going to work, and having some good drinking times with my friends. I met a beautiful girl and got engaged. Life was just great, and then things began to go dark. The horrible thoughts and visions, the threat of my existence being eradicated, and all the other depressive adversities. I'm still here though. That's what matters. I got Tara and my friends by my side. I have to fight back against the darkness. If I wanna win, I have to rebuild myself mentally to face what's coming. The day is coming when I'm gonna have to face the inevitable. That day will decide my fate. I think me and Tara's trip to Sulani will be an excellent place to start rebuilding myself. The ocean, it's just so calming and beautiful, and that's what I need right now.


Thursday, April, 1994 WMT - My Place


Perhaps I should continue on with the way things are now without tampering with time. Maybe there will be a point sometime down the road where it will all just go away and work out in the end. Anyways, enough of the deep thoughts. The ladies are waiting for me to make a decision on whether or not we're gonna head down to the Oasis or the Arid Ridge for some drinks.


Thursday, April, 1994 WMT - My Place


I can't help but think about how things were the way they were before. It's at the back of my mind all the time. I try to move forward, but I still have that bitter sadness lurking in me. In another world and time, what I presume to be the so-called world of the present, it was October 2022. I had a series of life-impacting experiences. I wish I had the courage to talk about them, but I just keep it all to myself. If I do indeed possess the gift of time, maybe there's a way to erase it all and make things go back to the way they used to be, but at what cost would it be on my very own self in both dimensions of time and worlds...


Thursday, April, 1994 WMT - My Place


Me and Tara are just gonna chill at her place for a bit, and then we're gonna meet up with Harper later on.


Wednesday, April, 1994 WMT - Tara's Place


Well, I guess it's almost time to head back home. I have so much work to do. I have to build a horse shelter, and I still have to compose me and Tara's wedding song. I almost forgot, but me and Tara are supposed to meet up with Harper. I told Harper that we would meet up with her in the middle of the week so that we can talk about me and Tara's recent events involving time travel, the world of the far past, and the world of the future.

Wednesday, April, 1994 WMT - Oak Barrel


I gave Tara a call and told her about how I felt something awful had happened in the so-called world of the present. I told her that I could feel the mortal wound that was inflicted upon the thread of my time getting deeper. She comforted me and told me not to worry and that everything was going to be okay. I know that time is out to erase me from existence. I have to fight back. Me and Tara have a life to live together. We're getting married soon. We're going to start our own family. We're going to create a lifetime of memories together. Whatever is happening in that so-called world of the present is clearly not good, and its impact can be felt here in 1994. However, no matter how bad this gets, I have to keep fighting...

Wednesday, April, 1994 WMT - My Place


I finished my drink, and then something happened. I felt it again. Something awful has happened in the so-called world of the present. Its impact feels so devastating. I can feel the mortal wound that was inflicted upon the thread of my time getting deeper.

Wednesday, April, 1994 WMT - My Place


Well, I have to say that this has been quite an interesting day, especially with a unicorn showing up at Tara's place and her taking it in as a pet. However, I have to get back to focus. Me and Tara are getting married soon, and I still have to compose our wedding song. Me and Tara are supposed to meet with Harper this week to discuss the recent events surrounding our time-traveling incidents. I have one more day of work, and then I have a day off. So, maybe me and Tara can meet up with Harper on Wednesday, and then afterwards, I can begin composing me and Tara's wedding song.

Monday, April, 1994 WMT - Tara's Place


Well, I still have a few hours left before I have to go to work. I'm gonna see if my bro Stephon wants to head down to the saloon in Chestnut Ridge for a couple of drinks. It's an interesting community, and I'd like to get more familiar with it.

Sunday, April, 1994 WMT - Willow Creek


Well, I'm almost done with my beer, and then it's time to let everyone know about me and Tara's engagement and that we will be getting married soon.

Sunday, April, 1994 WMT - Oak Barrel Saloon


Me and Tara are going to need a song for our wedding. I'm going to compose it.

Sunday, April, 1994 WMT - San Myshuno


I feel so good. Me and Tara getting married soon, it brings me so much happiness.

Sunday, April, 1994 WMT - San Myshuno


Me and Genevieve are browsing the market. I stop for a moment to think about Tara. I see the memories of us from the past, the present, and of the future. Throughout time, we've sure been together for a long time. The experiences we've shared, the memories we've made, and the love that binds us together, we're eternal. I figured it out. I can't be erased from time because of Tara. She is preventing the darkness that wants to eradicate me from existence. That is why she told me not to worry. She is like my guardian angel. She knows something that I don't, or perhaps she's not even aware...


Sunday, April, 1994 WMT - San Myshuno


March 1994

I'm just standing outside and reflecting on some of the memories of my life. Besides the few memories that me and Tara saw during our stay in the world of the future and the world of the far past, It still bothers me that I cannot remember the mass majority of the deep parts of my past. It's like I don't even know who I am or where I came from. I'm like this lost soul just wandering through time.

Saturday, March, 1994 WMT - My Place


Now that we're all back, I think it's time to get down to some composing. I know work will have some projects for me, but I'm thinking of maybe composing something and releasing it myself.

Thursday, March, 1994 WMT - Blue Velvet


I think this is it. I think I've finally conquered the darkness that time has been inflicting me with over the last while. Me and Tara are finally back home. I can feel it. This is the proper Willow Creek 1994 as it was before we entered the portal that day. I feel this overwhelming sense of relief.

Thursday, March, 1994 WMT - Glimmerbrook


The sun is shining, the booze is packed, and me and Tara are heading out to do some sailing!

Thursday, March, 1994 WMT - Sulani


So, just like me, Harper also has the power to travel through time. She said that she knew about what happened with me, Tara, Genevieve, Stephon, and Brian. She was aware that we were in a different time, yet she was in Willow Creek 1994 the entire time.

Wednesday, March, 1994 WMT - Sulani


Just before me and Tara appeared back here in Sulani again, I saw a vision of myself from this so-called world of the present. It was a traumatizing image. I barely even recognized myself. One thing for sure though is that is not me. That is not who I am. That world of the present is a false reflection of who I am. I'm just a simple happy guy here in 1994 who loves his beautiful fiancé, Tara. All I want is love and happiness. Me and Tara...


Tuesday, March, 1994 WMT - Beach Bar


Apparently, that wasn't the beach bar that me and Tara were at. It was some kind of a temple. Easy mistake! We haven't even had any drinks yet, lol!


Monday, March, 1994 WMT - Sulani


I'm totally enjoying this jog right now. As I'm jogging, I'm also just thinking about me and Tara and how far we've come. We've been through so much together, and we've survived. I don't know what's going to happen next because time is just so unpredictable, but I vow that me and Tara will become married. Nothing is going to prevent our joining of love, not even time itself.

Monday, March, 1994 WMT - Willow Creek


February 1994

Me and Tara both knew that being in this world was not the same anymore knowing that our friends no longer exist. I don't know what I did or what the fuck happened. Is this gift of time a blessing or a curse? All I want is just everything to go back to the way it used to be...


Saturday, February, 1994 WMT - Tara's Place


Time, it's such an interesting and mysterious thing. I'm still trying to grasp the concept that I can actually travel through it. I managed to bring me and Tara back to Willow Creek 1994, but I don't know how the hell I did it. I still have a lot to learn about my so-called gift.


Saturday, February, 1994 WMT - Tara's Place


After all of what me and Tara have been through over the last while including how she saved my life in the world of the future several times, on the first day back home here in Willow Creek 1994, she's cleaning my place for me. That's so kind of her. When we're finally married, I'll be the best husband ever. My life and love will always be devoted to you, Tara. I love you, angel.


Saturday, February, 1994 WMT - My Place


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