The Bonfire Party!

What an awesome end to October, the bonfire party was such a blast! We had a lot good booze and a lot of good fun. We're definitely gonna have to do this again sometime.

Anyways, we started the evening with some nice cold drinks, some chatting, and a campfire. Genevieve was roasting some marshmallows while the chick we hired to run the grill was talking about how beautiful the scenery is out here at Camp Windenburg.

Shortly after, me and Tara joined everyone who was at the campfire. While my mom and dad were throwing more logs on the fire, I was telling Tara and that chick who's running the grill that I love drinking in the wilderness. I told them that it makes me feel so free, alive, and in touch with nature! Yeah, they knew I was already drunk, lol!

My mom and dad were having a really good time. They were also really feeling the love, I caught them hugging and smooching, hehe! Poor Genevieve ended up burning her throat with a hot marshmallow. Man, she's been going nuts on those things. I don't know how she can stand all the sugar in those things. I'm not a fan of marshmallows myself. Also, my parents weren't the only ones experiencing the love. Stephon and Harper were literally hanging off of each other. How cute, hehe!

It was getting a little later, and me and Tara were still hanging by the campfire together. I'm glad someone turned the tunes on because a party is no party without music! The fire was burning out a bit, so me, Harper, and my mom threw more logs on it. At this point, I think my dad was pretty loaded too. He was doing pushups, and then he got up and yelled, "I'm feeling pretty damn good!." He then lost his balance and rested himself on the ground on his back, lol!

Me and Tara went over to the bar to get ourselves another drink. I was rubbing her cheek as Lydia passed by us. I don't think Lydia was having a good time because she was pretty quiet and doing her own thing. Anyways, I gave Tara a kiss and told her that I'm having a really good time. She poked my arm and said that she was having a good time as well. We then sipped back on our drinks and cheered!

It was now nighttime, and we all grabbed another drink and made our way down to the lake to light up the big fire, the bonfire! As soon as the bonfire was lit, we were all dancing around the giant flames shouting and having a lot of good fun. I held Tara's hand and whispered, "I love you," into her ear. She smiled and told me that she loved me to.

Me and Tara were talking about how we gotta come camping out here with just the two of us one of these days. I think it would be awesome. Me and Tara could have our own little camping adventure together! After we talked about camping, me and Tara held each other and kissed.

The bonfire was beginning to lose some of its heat, so I poured some gasoline on it and then came a big blast of flames! Tara briefly choked on the smoke. Yeah, I felt a little guilty... I touched her cheek and apologized. She said that it was okay and that she loved me anyways.

Afterwards, it was just me and Tara because everyone else decided to leave. Me and Tara were talking by the campfire and listening to music. We decided that we weren't gonna spend the night at Camp Windenburg tonight because it was getting a little too cold outside and we didn't come prepared to sleep in the cold weather.

After hanging around the campfire for a bit, me and Tara played a horseshoe game together. Man, it was so hilarious! We both sucked so bad at the game, and we just couldn't help but laugh at each other, lol! This is another thing that I really love about us. We' always have a really good time together, and we make each other laugh. When we laugh together, it just feels so great. I love her so much.

Me and Tara were getting pretty tired now, but we decided to have one more drink. I made us something a little special, and then we went to sit on a rock together. We were talking about our relationship and how wonderful it is being together. Unfortunately, nature decided to call... Me and Tara both really needed go pee! It was easy enough for me to go because I just went behind the tent, lol! Tara wasn't so much open into doing that. She tried going in a bush, but there were too many prickles. She ended up walking a little ways up and finding an outhouse.

After me and Tara did our business, we packed everything up and went home. I'm just listening to some tunes and having one more drink before I head head off to bed. Tomorrow is the beginning of winter, I'm so excited!

Genevieve accidentally burnt her throat while eating a hot marshmallow.

Me and Tara kissing by the lake.

Tara trying to throw a horseshoe around the pole. She missed, and she laughed so hard!