The First Day of Winter!
Willow Creek's first day of winter, so much snow!

Sunday, November, 1993 WMT - My Place
The Bonfire Party!
The bonfire party was such a blast! Good times good times!

Saturday, October, 1993 WMT - Camp Windenburg
Me and Tara Drunk off of Love
Me and Tara​ drunk off of love. <3

Friday, October, 1993 WMT - Salty Paws Saloon
Me and Tara Decorated the House
After me and Tara finished decorating the house, I gave her a hug and thanked her for helping me.

Wednesday, October, 1993 WMT - My Place
Save Tara
Me and Tara having some wine and talking. She told me that we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together. <3

Saturday, September, 1993 WMT - My Place
A picture of Tara that I took. We just got back from roller skating and spending time together in the park. I'm so happy that she's my girlfriend.

Wednesday, September, 1993 WMT - My Place
I Caught on Fire!
My jacket caught on fire when I tried to light a bush on fire with gasoline. Thankfully, Tara was able to get the garden hose in time and water me down. The jacket took all of the heat so I didn't suffer from any injuries.

Wednesday, September, 1993 WMT - My Place
I Love Her so Much
Me and Tara had to most passionate kiss ever.

Saturday, August, 1993 WMT - Queen's Leaf
Me and Tara at the Romance Festival
Me and Tara had such a lovely time together at the romance festival.

Saturday, July, 1993 WMT - Romance Festival
Me and Tara's First Kiss
Me and Tara had our first kiss today! I love her so much.

Wednesday, June, 1993 WMT - Brindleton Bay
Me and Tara Are in a Relationship
I asked Tara if she would like to be in a relationship with me, and she said yes! I'm so happy!

Monday, June, 1993 WMT - Moonlight
I found myself a new little buddy! I rescued Tigger from the Willow Creek pet rescue shelter.

Thursday, May, 1993 WMT - My Place
Having a Beautiful Time with Tara at the Park
Me and Tara having a beautiful time together at the park. They did a lot of renovations and the park just looks so beautiful.

Sunday, May, 1993 WMT - Magnolia Blossom Park
Gave Tara a Rose
Me and Tara had such a romantic time together. We enjoyed dinner, we spent some time in the moonlight, and I gave her a rose. I'm so in love with her.

Sunday, April, 1993 WMT - Chez Lllama
My Cousin Andrew
My cousin Andrew decided to visit Willow Creek because he heard good things about it. It's been a while since I last saw him. It feels good to have some cold drinks with my little cousin!

Saturday, February, 1993 WMT - My Place
I Quit My Job as a Musician
I quit my job in the music and entertainment industry as a Jingle Jammer, and I'm celebrating with some nice cold beer!

Friday, February, 1993 WMT - My Place
The Windenburg Party
Tara invited me to go to a party on the Windenburg Island with her. It turned out to be a real blast! I got to see my old friend Brian who I haven’t seen in years, and my cousin Victoria who I haven’t seen since early last year also showed up. Me and Tara had a really great time together.

January, 1993 WMT - Windenburg Island
Me and Tara Both Really Had to Go
January, 1993 WMT
Me and Tara both really had to drain our liquids, so we both went to the bushes.
January 1993 WMT
Me, Tara, and Stephon cheering to a new year!
Splashed Genevieve with Water
December, 1992 WMT
Me and Genevieve had a great time together at the Arid Ridge.
Saw My Grandfather
November, 1992 WMT
What wonderful day this was. I saw my grandfather for the first time in years.
A Beautiful Day with Tara
October, 1992 WMT
This was such a wonderful day. Me and Tara went to the museum together, and we ended up holding hands in the museum garden. She even kissed my hand. We gave each other a nice warm hug at the end of the evening before we both went home.
My Power Was Cut Off
October, 1992 WMT
Me and Stephon were taken by surprise when the music went dead and the lights went out... I forgot to pay my bills... I didn't even have enough money to pay my bills. So, the hydro company cut off my power.
Tara Blew Me a Kiss
September, 1992 WMT
This was such a wonderful moment. I was having a pretty bad day because both my toilet and stove broke down. Tara came over. We were talking and she got a bit flirty and blew me a kiss. It felt so good and warm. I know I love this girl!
It Looked Like She Had no Pants
September 1992
I was walking home from work and saw this lady who looked like she wasn't wearing any pants. It turned out that her pants were pretty close to the same color as her skin, and they were pretty tight on her.
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