Tara Apologized for Getting Angry Last Night

Well, I got a bit more sleep after I finished eating earlier. I’m still a little tired, but Tara just came over. She woke me up, but that’s okay because I enjoy her company! She was telling me that she had a great time last night but apologized for getting angry when Genevieve blew me that kiss. Meh, I said it wasn’t a problem at all and that booze makes us do wonderful things! We both chuckled and then were silent for a few seconds... I think she’s still kinda nervous to flat out tell me that she likes me. I’m in the same position! So, I quickly changed the subject and told her to make herself at home while I do some cleaning. There are dirty dishes everywhere, and the place stinks like a garbage dump. I also have to figure out what I’m gonna do about that broken stove.

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