The Crater Site

We're just outside the facility at the crater site right now. It definitely looks like some kind of disaster happened here. Parts of the fence are destroyed, and there's even a military truck that's been flipped over. Stephon suggested that this was probably the result from the explosion which someone told us about back at the 8 Bells. Also, there's all these weird looking plants scattered everywhere. They definitely don't look like normal plants. Tara even mentioned that they have this strange glow coming from them. I took a picture of one of them just for my own reference. Anyways, we're just talking about how interesting but yet how dangerous this investigation may be becoming. We're actually just about to take a peak inside the facility. I'm not sure how bad it's in there or what we're gonna find, but we're definitely going in.



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Made Me and Tara Some Spaghetti

Cherishing the Moment

Me and Tara Are Engaged

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