The Queen's Leaf Gave Us a Table out in the Blizzard...

Well, me and Tara are not very happy with the Queen's Leaf... Can you believe they actually had the nerve to give us a table out in the blizzard? Well, that's exactly what they did. I understand it was crowded in the restaurant due to the holiday and the free food and drinks, but still... placing us outside in a blizzard... Me and Tara were just standing out there in disbelief. We were talking about the last time we were here and how we had such a good experience. This is just so bad that we even chuckled a bit over it. We even sat at the table for a bit to see if we could endure the blizzard and get the free food and drinks, but yeah there was no way that we could just sit out there in the cold and enjoy a good meal. I eventually went to the host to complain about how they could just expect customers to be served outside in a blizzard. The guy apologized and insisted that there was nowhere else he could have placed us. I told him to come outside to see how cold it was for himself. He followed me outside and agreed that it was pretty cold, and then he apologized again for the limited space in the restaurant. Whatever... Me and Tara are just on our way back to my place. I'll just cook up a nice meal for us when we get back.



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