Me and Tara Are Preparing to Bowl!

Me and Tara are just at the bowling alley. We're just chatting and preparing for our competition by having a couple more drinks, hehe! Nothing gets the good ole bowling spirit up like having a couple more drinks in you! We made a bet. If I win, she has to buy me a drink. If she wins, I have to hug her legs and profess my love for her in front of everyone. Either way, I still win in the end, hehe! I don't mind her buying me a drink, and I would be honored to hug her legs and profess my love for her in front of everyone. We love each other so much, and it's so awesome that we can have so much fun together. Alright, it's time to drink up and then begin some bowling!



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A Farewell to 1993

The Party Begins!

It's Almost Party Time!

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