The Trainer from the Gym Is Stalking Me

I can't believe this! I was inside and just getting ready for work because I have to leave in about an hour, and then Genevieve comes up and tells me that there was this chick outside my door looking for me. She said the girl didn't leave a name or anything but that the girl said she helped me at the gym the other day. Genevieve told the girl that she would come and get me, but the girl said that it was okay and just left. It was that gym trainer from Movers & Shakers. I was telling Genevieve how creepy this was. How did she know my name and find my house? I never told her any of that information. Genevieve was like woaaa you got a stalker. This is gonna be really award if I see her at the gym again...



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My Shower Broke Down

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