Back from the Park and Having a Juice on the Rocks

Me and Tara had such an awesome time together at the park. The renovations they did were just absolutely beautiful. Tara can be such a silly girl, lol! I Went to hold her hands and she slipped them away and started teasing and laughing at me. I chuckled back and gave her a hug. I'm so glad that we can play around like this and have so much fun together. Anyways, I'm back at home now and enjoying a nice juice on the rocks! Tara had to leave because she had some stuff to do for work tomorrow. I can't wait to see her again. I guess for tonight maybe I'll just give Stephon or Genieve a call and see if one of them wants to hang out or something.



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Back to Work

A Well Deserved Reward!

My Shower Broke Down

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