The keeper of Time

Here I am with Tara drifting through time together. A voice is calling my name. It begins to pull me and Tara towards it...

"You have answered my calling, time traveler. The world you know of is not what it seems. You come from a world of the present, but you are now in a world built upon the past. That girl you stand there with, she is of the past. You two have already met before, but she never made it to the present. The fabric of time is hanging on by a single thread. Your reality and very own existence is threatened. Without the girl's existence in the world of the present, reality and time will eventually become forever lost, and your existence will perish. You have the gift of time control. Find your answers, and you will learn how to master it. Your existence is in your own hands, time traveler. Save yourself, save the girl, and save reality. Change the events of time..." - The Keeper of Time



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