Told Stephon About the Portal

Me and Tara had such a wonderful time together at the flea market and hanging out in Brindleton Bay today. I'm glad she liked her gift, and I am glad that we were able to help that sick dog on the beach. Anyways, we're just back at my place now. Me and Tara were chatting and having some drinks, and then my bro Stephon showed up. He was all excited about how he got a pay raise at work the other day. He noticed that Tara had a new hairstyle. Me and Tara told him about the portal and the events surrounding it including how the color of her hair changed a couple of times. He was pretty amazed about what we told him, and he asked us to take him to the portal. So, we're just finishing up our drinks and then we're gonna head down to Glimmerbrook.