Some Shopping and the Hair Salon

After spending a little more time in San Myshuno, me and Tara decided to check out some of the stores in Brindleton Bay. I didn't get anything for myself, but I bought Tara a skirt and a shirt. We also went to the hair salon. Tara wanted to get her hair done. She really loves playing with her hair, hehe! She went through like three different styles in the last couple of months. Anyways, we're just chillin at the Brindleton Bay beach right now. I was telling Tara how cute she looked in the new clothes that I bought her. She smiled and thanked me for getting them for her. I was about to give her a kiss, but then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a sick looking dog. It had flies all over it and liquid coming out of its mouth. Me and Tara called the pet rescue place, and now we're just waiting for them to arrive.

Me and Tara
Me and Tara
Sick Dog


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