At the Portal

Me, Tara, and Genevieve arrived at the portal. Man, the look on Genevieve's face was just totally priceless!

We were talking about how amazing and strange this whole thing is, and then suddenly a man riding a broom comes flying out of the portal and crashes to the ground. I tried to ask if he was okay because he was holding his back and looked like he was in a lot of pain, but he got up and just ran away.

After the man left, we started chatting again. We were deciding if we should go through the portal or not. I was telling Genevieve that she's gotta see Tara with her wings. I then blew Tara a kiss, and then she flirted back by going, "Rrrrrr!" Genevieve chuckled and called us love birds.

Anyways, we continued talking about whether or not we were gonna go through the portal, and we ultimately decided that we'll go through it another day because Genevieve said that she was too nervous right now.

Well, I'm just standing beside the portal and pondering right now, but we're about to head down to the Blue Velvet for some drinks soon. We're definitely gonna have quite the conversation about all of this with some booze in us!