A New Reality

I just got up not too long ago. I didn't get very much sleep because my mind is still trying to comprehend the experience me and Tara had earlier this morning. I thought to myself that maybe it was all a dream. So, I went to grab some breakfast, and I saw Tara outside. She took the garbage out for me. Yep, it was no dream. She still had her bright eyes and bright hair. Anyways, me and Tara were talking about going back to the portal soon. There's just so much mystery and questions that need to be answered, and we also wanna see if her wings come back when we go to the other side of the portal. Just like the ghosts at the Salty Paws Saloon, the strange things that are happening in StrangerVille, and a possible vampire at the Rattlesnake, I would have never imagined stuff like this happening. I guess this is just the new reality that we live in. Well, I'm gonna head back to bed. I gotta work today, and I'm pretty damn tired.