The Celestial World

Well, me and Tara wandered around for a bit, and I'm definitely calling this place the celestial world because everything about it just seems so surreal. We were standing on the bridge looking down at the stream flowing below it, and the water just looked so magical. Afterwards, we stopped at a lake, and together we gazed into the far scenery. It was so beautiful, and it felt as if we were in a dream. Anyways, we continued on exploring and now we're at this majestic looking building. Me and Tara were pondering if we should go inside or not, but we decided to wait for now because we're both pretty tired and wanna head back to the portal to go home. The next time we come here, we're definitely bringing Genevieve, Stephon, and Harper along with us. They're gonna totally freak out when they see this place! I also wonder how the're gonna react to Tara's angelic appearance. I guess we're gonna find out soon enough!