Angel Tara

I walked through the portal, and despite me telling Tara to wait until I returned, she followed right behind me anyways. Here we are, in a place beyond what one can comprehend. The atmosphere is so celestial, and there are people doing things that look so supernatural.

This place isn't the only thing that has placed me into a state of awe. I was looking at Tara. I told her that her eyes and hair were bright and that she had wings, and I also pointed out that she was wearing a very heavenly looking dress. I told her that she looked like an angel.

After telling Tara about her new appearance, she looked at her reflection in a patch of crystal clear water that was near us, and she jumped back in surprise. I asked her what's going on, but she said that she didn't know either.

Me and Tara were just standing there looking at each other with nothing to say. We were both just paralyzed in a state of awe. After the awe slightly wore off, we were finally able to talk again. I told her that she looked very beautiful and that I loved her. She smiled and said that she loved me too. Is she an angel? Am I gonna be literally getting married to an angel?

Both me and Tara don't know where we are right now, and we both don't know how her eyes and hair turned bright or how she got her wings, but I have this strong feeling that this is gonna be a new chapter in both of our lives.