A Portal!

I can't believe what I'm seeing with my very own eyes. It's a flippin portal! I asked Tara why she didn't tell me about this earlier since she already knew about it before we went to Sulani. She said that she didn't tell me about it sooner because she was worried that I might think that she was crazy. I guess that's why she kept on saying it was a secret and a surprise when I asked her earlier. I really don't blame her though because this really is something out of the twilight zone.

However, since moving to Willow Creek, I've already seen a bunch strange things such as ghosts, the whole StrangerVille mystery, and a possible vampire in the bar. So, I guess this is just one more strange but interesting thing to add to the list.

Me and Tara are all riled up and kinda in a state of awe right now. We're both pondering on whether or not we should enter the portal. What is on the other side of this portal? Will we even be able to come back? It might be dangerous if we enter, but the curiosity is really overwhelming us...

A portal
Me and Tara
Me and Tara


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