A Rough Night at Work and Tara's on Her Way Over

I had a pretty rough evening at work tonight. I was doing a live piano performance, and the audience were a bunch of jerks. They were so rude! I had one fellow tell me to go back to piano school. I was pretty ticked off. I wanted to just end the performance and walk off the damn stage, but fortunately I managed to keep my cool and pull through. Anyways, I cooked up a microwave dinner for supper. It was the one with beef and potatoes, and it was actually pretty tasty. After I finished up with dinner, I gave Tara a call to invite her over. She said that she wanted to talk to me about something in her text earlier today, and I told her that we can meet up after I get back from work. So, I'm just listening to some tunes while I wait for her to come over.