Grilled up Some Burgers and Stephon Showed Up

Well, before me and Tara were gonna head off to go bowling, I wanted to grill up some burgers to get a little grub in us. While I was talking to Tara and grilling up the burgers, my bro Stephon showed up. I haven't seen him since the New Year's party that I had in Sulani. He was like, "Dude, you and Tara look different!" I told him about how me and Tara went to see a fashion artist to change things up a bit. I told him that 1994 WMT is a new year of change. However, I didn't tell him that me and Tara are now engaged. I'm waiting to have another gathering so that I can tell everyone at once. Anyways, after I finished grilling up the burgers and we began digging into them, I told Stephon that me and Tara are going for some bowling soon. I invited him to tag along with us, so it's gonna be a party of three. We're gonna have a lot of fun, and I'm gonna win!