Bowling Time!

Me, Tara, and Stephon are just at the bowling alley right now. It's been a pretty awesome night, but sadly Tara kicked both me and Stephon's butts at bowling. Yeah, I didn't win...

Anyways, when we first got here, we spent some time at the bar chatting it up. Me and Tara were telling Stephon about our trip in Sulani. I told him about how I met a dolphin. He thought I was high or something, but Tara confirmed the experience, lol!

After chatting at the bar and having some drinks, we began our bowling match. Man, I did so poorly. Stephon did worst though, hehe! Yeah, as mentioned above, Tara was the victorious one. I don't know what it is with that girl, but bowling seems to come natural to her.

After the bowling match, me and Tara went for some more drinks while Stephon continued to bowl. Me and Tara were talking about how all of these ghosts were present at the bowling alley. They were here the last Time me and Tara were here as well. I'm surprised Stephon didn't say anything. Maybe he can't see them?

Well, it's getting pretty late, and I think it's almost time to call it a night. Although I lost to Tara at bowling again, I will win next time!