Had an Awesome Time Sailing

Me and Tara had an awesome time sailing today. I sailed around the island and saw a lot of nice scenery. When I was coming back to the beach, I saw Tara swimming towards me. I got out of the boat and swam next to her. She had a sinister smirk across her face. Yup, she caught me blindsided and splashed me, lol! I called her a meanie, and she laughed at me. Anyways, I gave her the boat so that she could have her turn to do some sailing. As I was watching her sail, I could tell that she was having a lot of fun. We're gonna have to definitely come back here again sometime soon. Well, we just brought the boat back to the shore, and now we're just about to do some exploring together. I'm looking forward to seeing what we discover. This island is just so beautiful.