Cherishing the Moment

Me and Tara are just hanging out at the beach and cherishing the moment. It really does feel good to be engaged to the girl you love. I feel complete and whole knowing that we're gonna be married at one point in time.

We were walking down the shore and talking. Tara brought up the subject of what it would be like to have a kid. She kinda caught me off guard. It felt kinda awkward too because we haven't done it it yet, you know, have sex, lol! Anyways, I told her that one day in the future I would like to have one, a daughter. I told her that I would name her Catherine. Tara looked at me with a smile across her face and said that Catherine was a nice name.

Afterwards, me and Tara continued walking down the shore a little ways, and then we stopped to kiss. We smooched for a good five minutes or so, and then we held hands. While we were holding hands, I told her that I loved her. I know, I've been saying it a lot these days, but there's never a limit to how many times you can tell the girl you love that you love her. She said that she loved me too.

After all of the smooching, me and Tara continued down the shore. As we were walking, I was talking to her about how me, her, Genevieve, and the rest of the gang should move to a different community. The truth is that I have a small house right now, and I'm running out of room to put things. I also think a change would be nice. She said that if I move, she would be willing to move as well.

After a long walk, me and Tara finally came to a rest. My legs were actually getting pretty tired, lol! It was pretty funny because she was still full of energy and wanted to walk more, but I told her that if we walked anymore my legs were gonna give out. She gave me a smirk. Meh, I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled at her, lol!

Me and Tara are just about to head back to the rental unit now. What an awesome day we spent together. Tomorrow is gonna be our last day in Sulani. We'll probably spend the day chilling at the beach bar and doing some sailing. I would have liked to do more during our trip here, but there's just not enough time. Oh well, maybe next time I'll take a longer vacation.