The New Me

It took a little while, but the fashion artist finally fixed me up. She hooked me up with some new attire, a new haircut, some ear piercings, and I even got a tattoo. I was considering the ear piercings, but I never had any plans on getting a tattoo. She was a smooth talker and finally convinced me. I decided to go with a tattoo that would resemble the ocean. Anyways, when I returned to the bar to see Tara, her eyes were wide open and fixed on me. She said that she really liked what the fashion artist did to me. I winked at her and sipped back on my drink. I told her that I can't wait to see what style she was gonna go with. She smiled and said that I would soon find out. Well, it's been a little over an hour, and Tara's still with the fashion artist. I'm just sipping back on some more booze while I wait for her.