It's Time for Some Change

Me and Tara are sure having some fun in the water today. Man, I can't believe a dolphin just appeared out of nowhere and let me pet it. That's just something that you don't see every day. Anyways, me and Tara spent some more time in the water. I gave her a smooch, and then we talked for a bit while swimming. The subject of change came up. Since it's 1994 and a new year and all, we came up with the idea of trying out something new. By that I mean like getting a new haircut, some new clothes, etc. Tara dyed her hair a few days ago, but she said that she wanted to try out a whole new hairstyle. So, we talked some more about this, and we both decided that we're gonna get our hair done and pick up some new attire. Heck, I haven't had a different haircut since I think around mid 1992. Yup, I'm totally up for some change. Anyways, I did some digging around and found a local fashion artist who deals with this kind of stuff. Me and Tara will be meeting up with the individual shortly. We're meeting up at the bar where me and Tara went to a couple nights ago.