A Farewell to 1993

What an awesome end to 1993! We all had such a blast hanging out, drinking some good booze, and listening to so some fine music on the deck.

The night began with me serving everyone some nice strong drinks. Yup, when I'm the mixer, you can expect a little extra punch in your drinks, hehe! Anyways, after I poured our first round of strong juice, I talked with Tara about some of the things that we want to do in 1994. I told her that I definitely wanna come back here again sometime soon. She said that she wanted to continue on with the investigation in StrangerVille. Yeah, I wanna continue on with the investigation too because I'm totally curious and want to find out what the heck is going on down there.

While me and Tara were talking, I could see that Harper and Lydia were really hitting it off. It almost seemed as if they were best friends. I also remember them being pretty friendly towards each other at the bonfire party as well. This is pretty cool considering Harper is Stephon's gal and Lydia is Stephon's ex. It just goes to show you that anyone can be friends.

I caught Stephon and Genevieve engaged in a dirty conversation. It was hilarious because I can't really remember the last time Genevieve ever got into a discussion like that. I guess booze really helps people open up about their thoughts and such, lol! Stephon was telling her about some of the dirty things that he and Harper do in the bedroom, and Genevieve was telling him about how she went to the love shop to purchase some special items. Yeah, I kinda just walked away at that point, lol.

A little while had passed, and I was telling everyone about some of the drunkest moments I've ever experienced in my life. One of the stories I shared was about the time when me and my buddy Brian nearly drank a whole 60 of rum in a few hours. I already told Tara about this story, but man it's a story to remember! We were so flippin drunk out of our minds. The hangover was extremely horrible... I haven't really had much rum since that night.

After I shared some of my drunken stories, Lydia and Genevieve shared a few of their own. Lydia was telling us the story about how she got so drunk last year at the Blue Velvet that she passed out right in the bar. Genevieve was telling us the story about the time when she was a teen where she got all drunk off of vodka and went out egging people's houses with her friends. Hehe, that totally reminded me of similar experience when I was a teen!

Me and Stephon were joking around about some of the crazy things that have happened during 1993, and then we both burst into excitement and threw some celebration flakes, or whatever the heck you call them, into the air. Stephon was saying that 1994 is gonna be a new and awesome year of having some fun and partying. Oh yeah, he definitely got that right! It's gonna be another year of drinking good booze, hehe!

After chatting with Stephon for a bit, me and Tara went to the edge of the deck near the ocean. I gave her a kiss and asked if she was having a good time. She said that she was having a blast. I could tell she was drunk because she was slurring her words, lol! I smiled at her, and then she touched my leg. I then grabbed and held her close to me. She said that she is looking forward to spending more time together in 1994. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and agreed with her.

Me and Tara weren't the only ones having a romantic moment. You should have seen Stephon and Harper. She was pretty loaded! She was doing some pretty kinky dancing for Stephon. I don't wanna get into the details, but while she was dancing, they were planning out some pretty dirty stuff that they're gonna do in the bedroom tomorrow. It just amazes me how open they are to talking about their sex life, lol! It was totally hilarious though when Tara came and interrupted them with her own little sex joke. We all got a good laugh. Just like Genevieve, you just never really see Tara talking like that.

Anyways, it was time! I poured us another round of drinks, and then me, Tara, and Stephon made a toast to the New Year. Sadly, Genevieve and Harper had to leave a little early and didn't make it for the toast because they got called into work. I could imagine that where they work, the Arid Ridge and the Blue Velvet, must be pretty packed right now. Lydia drank a little too much and missed the toast because she was throwing up in the bathroom.

After making a toast to the New Year and talking about our New Year resolutions, I poured us all yet another round of drinks as we continued on with celebrating the New Year!

Stephon was staggering and slurring his words as he was chatting with Tara about some of the things he wants to do this year. While they were talking, I was having a little conversation with Lydia about some of the exciting things I did in 1993. I told her about the time when I met up with a drug dealer in San Myshuno to buy pills to lose weight. She shook her head and shamed me, lol! Lydia is one of those fitness girls. She's always spending a lot of time in the gym to keep fit.

A little while later, Lydia left the rental unit to go home. Stephon and Tara were in a drunken conversation about the events that are happening in StrangerVille. I left them to their conversation and went inside to check on Tigger, and there he was meowing and eating the leftover food on the table, lol! I guess he got his first meal of the New Year!

I came back outside to see Stephon really slamming back the drinks. He had beer in one hand and wine in the other. He's really gonna be messed up when he wakes up later today. I was joking with him about it. I told him that he's never gonna wanna touch a drink again after he goes through the hangover that's coming for him. He laughed and brushed everything I said off, and then he shouted that he needed to really take a leak. Me and Tara looked at each other and laughed as he nearly tripped over his own feet while going to the bathroom.

While Stephon was in the bathroom doing his business, me and Tara returned to the edge of the deck by the ocean. We were hugging and holding each other while we talked about how happy we are together. It was so cute watching her slur her words. I was no better though because I was slurring my words too, lol!

Me and Tara were still by the edge of the deck. We were looking into each other's eyes while holding each other, and then we kissed. Stephon was there watching us. He chuckled to himself and called us love birds, hehe! Me and Tara both smiled as we gave each other another kiss. It felt so good holding and kissing her. I'm really looking forward to proposing to her later on today. The only thing I want out of life now is to spend the rest of it with her.

Genevieve and Stephon were talking about dirty things!

Me and Stephon were so drunk and excited that we both threw flakes into the air!

A toast to 1994, another year of drinking good booze!

Me and Tara kissed by the ocean. I love her so much.