The Party Begins!

It's happening, the New Year's Eve party bash has begun! It's really awesome to have most of the gang around. There's no better way to spend the end of 1993 than to spend it with your girlfriend and your good friends!

We're all just hanging outside on the deck right now. Yup, I'm the dedicated mixer for tonight. That means all of the drinks are guaranteed to be extra strong, hehe! After I fixed everyone up with some drinks, I shot down a full pint of beer mixed with a double shot of vodka. Yeah, I'm going overboard tonight, hehe!

Man, I was talking with Genevieve. She's my bestie for life! Anyways, she was asking about Brian. I told her that I invited him to the party but that he had to go to work and couldn't make it. She seemed disappointed. I can understand why too. I've been talking with her about trying to hook them both up. This would've been the perfect opportunity, but I guess it'll have to be some other time.

It's good to see Harper and Lydia talking. Again, Lydia is Stephon's ex. I'm really glad that Stephon and Lydia can still be friends and that Harper is fine with that. Speaking of Stephon... I think he's getting as drunk as I am because he was having a full conversation with Tigger, lol! I guess he must have been drinking earlier as well.

Well, we're all having a lot of good fun, and I think it's almost time for me to make another round of drinks for everyone. This night is still young, and there's a lot of booze that needs to be dranken! Before I make the drinks though, I better go find Tara. She seems to have disappeared. Silly girl, she's probably planning something! I'm gonna go and find her.