Me and Tara Had a Wonderful Time Sailing Today

It's been years since I've been sailing, and despite having to take turns using the sailing canoe instead of sailing together in a larger sailboat, I have to say that me and Tara both still had a pretty damn good time. While she was sailing, I was sitting in one of those floating chair things and watching her. You could tell she was really enjoying herself. I waved at her and blew her kiss, and she screamed with joy in the distance. After she was done sailing, we talked and flirted in the water for a bit. She told me that she totally wants to do this again at least one more time before we leave Sulani. Afterwards, it was my turn up for some sailing, and man did it ever feel good to sail and get the breeze of the wind in my face. It was so refreshing. I sailed around for a little while, and then I went to find Tara. I found her digging through the sand trying to build a sand sculpture. How cute! I gave her a kiss and told her that we are definitely gonna be doing this again at least one more time before the end of our trip.