Me and Tara Spending Time Together

Me and Tara are just spending some time together before I head off to work. She was proud of me for doing such a good job at shoveling all of that snow! I told her that shoveling snow is simply just a hobby of mine. She laughed and jabbed me in the shoulder. She knew I was messing with her, lol! Anyways, we watched some TV for a bit, and then I performed some of my violin compositions for her. I told her that if we go to Sulani, I'm gonna play her some nice violin music by the ocean. She smiled and said that would be very nice. I think we're gonna end up going there though. I got a bit of extra cash with my new promotion bonus, and I think spending it on me and Tara to go on a nice vacation to Sulani would be awesome. Also, I definitely do wanna propose to her by the ocean.