An Early Morning, Tara Cleaned My Bathroom, and Some Laundry

Well, it's another early morning today. Tara was up before me. She was reading a book on the couch, so I went and sat beside her. We talked about how much fun we had together yesterday. She was still teasing me about the whole me being afraid to walk on frozen water thing, lol! To make her stop, I had to tickle her. It got to the point where she had to beg me to stop, hehe! I went to use the bathroom, and I noticed that it was clean. When I got out, I asked Tara if she cleaned my bathroom. She nodded her head and smiled. I patted her on the leg and thanked her. She said that she was gonna do the laundry too, but I told her that it was okay and that I would do it. After talking with Tara for a bit more, I got up and went to gather all of the laundry. I had so much laundry that I could barely fit everything into the washer, but I managed to make it work!