Me and Tara are out for Coffee

After spending some time at my place, me and Tara decided to go out for some coffee at South Square Coffee in Windenburg. It's snowing here, but it's not a cold blizzard like back in Willow Creek. Anyways, we're just talking and enjoying our beverages. I'm having a mocha, and she's having a cappuccino. I was telling Tara that I can't believe that 1993 is almost over. She agreed and said that this year sure flied by. We also talked about how long we've been in a relationship together, it's been a little while now. We were reflecting back upon some of the things we've done together since we first met. We've shared some really great experiences together. Tara was laughing about the snowball fight we had last month. She found it very amusing in how she managed to knock me over with a snowball, hehe! I love this girl. No matter what we do, we're always just having so much fun together.