Me and Stephon at the 8 Bells Trying to Get More Information

Me and Stephon are just having some drinks and trying to gather some information about what's been going on around here from some of the locals at the 8 Bells, a local bar in StrangerVille. There's quite a large military presence in town, so there's something definitely happening here. The people me and Stephon have been talking to have also described what we saw in the video that was shown on the news. Some guy was telling us that there's some kind of a facility in the middle of the crater not too far from here. We tried talking with some of the military personnel that were hanging around the bar, but they wouldn't answer any of our questions. Also, my Auntie Elaine showed up too. I asked her what she was doing here. She said that she saw the video on the news and that she was interested in finding out what's happening down here as well. I wished her luck and asked her to let us know if she finds out anything interesting.