Something Strange Is Going On!

What in the world!? This is just so messed up! Tara left for work, and I had a few hours before I had to leave for work as well. So, I decided to turn on the TV and watch the news. They showed this disturbing video that was captured by a frightened individual from StrangerVille, a small town not too far from Willow Creek. It showed this freaky looking man who looked like he was possessed or something. He was making weird noises and walking abnormally, and it looked like he tried to attack the person who was recording the video. The news also reported that this wasn't an isolated incident, but there were several other similar incidents as well involving possessed-like people. Man, this totally gives me the heebie jeebies. At the same time though, I'm pretty damn curious as to what's going on down there. Perhaps, I should take a trip down there to get some more insight.


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