Me and Tara Enjoying the Winter Scenery at the Park Together

Me and Tara are spending some time together at the park. The winter scenery is just so beautiful. We were sitting on the fountain and holding each other's hands. I was telling her how much I love the winter. She said that she was happy that we could spend the first day of winter together. I gave her a kiss and told that I agreed. Afterwards, me and Tara wandered around the pathways looking at more of the beautiful winter scenery. We then stopped to sit on a bench to take a little break from walking. We talked and flirted. Tara jabbed my shoulder with hers and winked at me. I smiled while looking into her eyes, and then I poked her leg. We both laughed. Sometimes, we just do the silliest of things together. I love it though. Me and Tara are always having a good time together.