On a Date with Tara at the Salty Paws Saloon

Tara sent me a text earlier when I was at the Solar Flare, and we decided to go on a late night date at the Salty Paws Saloon. I've only ever been here once before, and I really like it here. It's a nice classy place.

When me and Tara arrived, I held her hands and told her that I loved her and that I would travel the seven seas just to be with her. She laughed so hard at me! Yeah, it was a pretty corny romance line, lol! You know, I really do mean it though. I redeemed myself from embarrassment by pulling out a flower and then giving her a kiss. She smiled and said, "I love you too, Mr. Romeo." I chuckled and brushed my hand against her cheek.

We then grabbed a table to sit down and chat. We were talking about some of the things we've done together this month like when we went swimming together in the Moonlight's pool, how we decorated the house together, and how we had that hilarious spaghetti fight the other day. Tara also brought up the day when we went roller skating together last month. We had a good time, but man we were both pretty damn sore from falling so much, lol! She was teasing me and said that she was still the better roller skater. I laughed, and then I got up and gave her hug. I said, "I know." She grinned and gave me a wink.

Afterwards, me and Tara went out to the patio. We were so drunk off of love. I whispered into her ear and told her that she was giving me warm fuzzies. She smiled and bumped her shoulder with mine, and she said that I was giving her warm fuzzies too. We were just sitting there with our eyes locked onto one another. The love was just flowing through us, and it felt so beautiful. We really are a pair of doves.

We went back inside to get some drinks because we were both getting a little thirsty, we didn't have a drink all night up until this point. Anyways, we were talking. I told her about the bonfire that me and Stephon were planning to have this month. She thought it was a cool idea. I told her that I'll take Saturday off, and we can have the bonfire sometime in the evening.

Me and Tara had a few more drinks, and we were talking about what we're gonna do to celebrate the ending of 1993. October is almost over, and then there's only two more months left until 1993 is over. Wow, time sure flies. It's gonna be two years now since I've moved to Willow Creek. Tara was saying that maybe we should have a big party in Windenburg, kinda like the party we went to there at the beginning of the year in January. I'd definitely be down for that.

Well, me and Tara are just outside at the docks now. It's early morning and the sun is rising. We're both a little drunk and tipsy. I gave her a massage, and she said that it felt good and that I have to do that more often. I smiled and told her that I would be more than happy to whenever she wants, but I also told her that she would have to give me a kiss first. She laughed and gave me a hug, and now we're just cuddling on the bench next to the water.

Me and Tara drunk off of love.