Me and Tara Made Spaghetti Together

Me and Tara did something a little different, we made some spaghetti together! I've always liked making spaghetti, but it's so much more fun when your girlfriend's helping you. I prepared half of the ingredients for the sauce, and she did the other half. When it was time to take out the noodles, we ended up having a noodle fight, lol! She started it though. She was supposed to test the noodles to see if they were done right. The trick to this is usually throwing a noodle at the wall, and if it sticks that means it's usually done. However, Tara decided to be funny and threw the noodle at my forehead instead, lol! She laughed at me, but then I took a noodle and threw at her with a big grin on my face! She chuckled and grabbed a few noodles and threw them at me in retaliation, and then I took a few more noodles and threw them at her. She ended up getting in the last hit when a noodle hit me in the eye. She felt bad and gave a hug and kiss. Of course, I forgave her! Anyways, the spaghetti turned out pretty damn tasty. Me and Tara were sitting at the table and enjoying it, we were both just shoveling it down so fast. I made sure there was a lot of salt in it. Salt makes everything so much better!