Wonderful Moments and a Cheers to Us

Me and Tara are just talking and spending the rest of the evening together. She's spending the night again, so that means some more cuddling in bed. I love cuddling with her. Anyways, we were talking about some of the things we've done together since we first met back in June 1992. I remember when we went to the museum together back in October 1992. That was the first time we held hands, and it felt so good. It was at that moment I knew she definitely liked me. As we continued talking, Tara brought up the time when me and her went to the Griffin back in March. We had a lot fun having dinner and drinking together. We've captured so many memories since we first met, and it's so beautiful reflecting upon them with her. I poured us a drink, and we cheered to our wonderful relationship. Our love is real, and one day I'm gonna marry her, and we're gonna have a family of our own.