Me and Stephon Chillin and Having Some Drinks at My Place

Me and Stephon are chillin and having some more drinks back at my place now. That lady at the Rattlesnake was something, lol! Me and Stephon were sitting in my yard, and I asked him if he would've slept with her if he wasn't in a relationship with Harper. He said, "If she's offering, then absolutely!" Haha, what a guy! Afterwards, me and Stephon went inside and I poured us another drink, I made this one really strong! Stephon was saying that one of these days we're all gonna have to get together and have a bonfire party. I thought it was a good idea. I would make sure that there would be lots of booze! I told them that maybe we should do this sometime near the end of the month. He cheered and said lets do it. I think it'll be a lot of fun.

Me and Stephon
Me and Stephon


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