Having Lunch at the Moonlight with Tara

Me and Tara are just at the Moonlight. I wanted to go out for some lunch before I head off to work. We spent some time looking at the menu deciding what we wanted. I decided to go with a hamburger and she went with some chicken stir fry. Of course, we also ordered some wine. While we were waiting for our order, me and Tara talked and flirted. I told her that I really liked cuddling with her in bed last night. She smiled and rubbed her leg up against mine. I smiled back, and then she blew me a kiss from across the table. She's so adorable. I can't wait go to the jungle resort with her. A little while later, our order finally came. We digged into the food and drank our wine. The burger was delicious. I asked Tara how her stir fry was. She said that she loved it. I have to say that the food is pretty damn good here. It's a little pricey, but it's well worth it. Anyways, me and Tara are are just talking and finishing up another order of wine. I still got a little over an hour to go before I head off to work. I wish I didn't have to go because I would rather spend the day with Tara instead.