Me and Tara and an Early Night

After Tara finished up with the laundry, we went outside and I showed her what I did with the yard. She was pretty impressed and said that it looked beautiful. I'm so happy that she likes what I did with it because I put a lot of effort into beautifying it. Anyways, we talked and flirted outside for a bit. I asked her if she wanted to grab some lunch tomorrow before I head off to work. She said that she'd love to go to our favorite place. Of course by that she meant the Moonlight. It's a nice and classy restaurant, and we both love going there. Afterwards, we went inside and talked some more. She was telling me that she really thinks getting into the gardening business is something that she really wants to do, she mentioned this to me and Genevieve at Planet Honey Pop a couple of days ago. I told her to go for it if she thinks it'll make her happy. She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Anyways, we're just about to head to bed now. We're calling it an early night because we're both pretty tired. I look forward to cuddling with her in bed. It feels so good and warm when we cuddle together.