Me and My Love Tara at the Blue Velvet

I had a good time playing the piano. The crowd was really awesome, and some even left me tips. After I finished the live performance, Tara was already standing there waiting for me. It's really nice to have a girlfriend who really loves you. I gave her a hug and kiss, and I told her that she was a wonderful girl. She smiled and kissed my cheek, and then she told me that she loved me. I smiled back and told her that I loved her too. We were just standing there in the middle of the bar looking into each other's eyes. We both knew that our love for each other was real. I grabbed her hands and held them tight. I told her that she was my angel. She blushed and rubbed her head up against mine. It was such a beautiful and warm feeling, the love was just flowing through both of us. Anyways, we grabbed a table and now we're just talking and having some drinks together. I asked her to spend the night at my place tonight, and she said that she'd love to. I'm so happy that we're spending so much time together. I love her so much.