Getting Ready to Go Bowling with Tara

I had a pretty awesome evening at work today. I taught some more piano classes, finished composing a composition for a company I began a few days ago, and I also did a live performance. I gotta say that I'm really loving my job! I'm really getting there, and I can visualize myself being a big shot film composer. I can also visualize how much money I will be raking in, hehe! I'm not materialistic though. I would actually donate to the diabetes foundation, my grandfather has complications with diabetes. I would also help out my friends and family, and of course I would spend my money on me and Tara. I would take us to the most beautiful of places to spend time together. Anyways, I'm just getting ready for me and Tara's planned date to go bowling. I'll be meeting her at the bowling alley in about 30 minutes. We're gonna have a lot of fun together.