Me and Tara Spending Time Together in the Park

After all that roller skating, me and Tara are pretty tired out. We're just spending some time together in the park now. We were sitting on the bench and talking. She was telling me that she really had a good time roller skating and that we have to do it again sometime. I agreed with her. We both suck so badly at it, but yet we still had a lot of fun together. Anyways, this park is actually quite nice. Me and Tara were hugging by the fountain, and the scenery was just so beautiful. It’s definitely a nice place to spend a romantic evening together. They also have a nice patio area. Me and Tara were checking it out as I gave her a back massage. I offered her a massage because she said that she was sore from falling down so many times roller skating. I wanted to comfort her as best as I could because she's my girlfriend and I love her. I gotta take care of her.