I Caught on Fire!

Holy effing shit, I nearly died! Me and Tara were outside talking and enjoying the fall weather. I showed her that bush by my house which was in the picture I shared the other day, and I said that maybe we should burn it. Anyways, I get out the gasoline and pour it all over the bush and then I light it up. What a big mistake that was! The flames bursted and my jacket caught on fire. I was freaking out, but thankfully Tara was quick to get the garden hose and water me down. She saved my life, and thankfully the jacket took all of the heat so I didn't suffer from any burns. Unfortunately, the bush didn't stay lit. So, I decided to give it another shot. This time I stood way back and threw the match at the bush and again it burst into flames, but this time it stayed lit. Lesson of the day... If you're gonna use gasoline to burn a bush, then you better keep your distance!