An Early Morning Breakfast

I’m up pretty damn early today because Tara woke me up! We were sleeping and then she accidentally kicked me in the leg, we both chuckled about it in bed. I knew we were both not gonna get any more sleep, so I decided to make us an early morning breakfast by cooking up some hot dogs on the barbecue. I gotta say that hot dogs for breakfast is definitely something. Anyways, me and Tara were eating our hot dogs and talking about our planned trip to the jungle resort. We were actually thinking that maybe we should just go by ourselves instead of going with Stephon, Harper, and Genevieve. I personally think it would be awesome if it was just me and her. It would be an adventure that we would experience together. Sadly, it would be a huge let down to Stephon, Harper, and Genevieve if they didn't come. They would probably be a little upset since we planned this whole thing together. I don't know… I guess we'll just see what happens.