A Busy Evening at Work and Tara Cleaned My House

I had a pretty busy evening at work as a professional pianist. They put me on this project to teach neighborhood kids how to play the piano, so I spent most of the evening doing that. Unfortunately, one of the students accidentally spilled soda all over the keys and the keys became a little sticky. It was no big deal though. A little cotton and water worked quite well in getting the keys back to their normal state. It's pretty cool though that I'm actually the teacher now instead of the one learning. I'm gradually making a name for myself. One day, I'm gonna be a big shot film composer! Anyways, I just got home not too long ago. I went inside and seen that Tara cleaned my whole house for me. The dishes were done, the garbage was taken out, the floors were swept, and she even cleaned the bathroom sink. She's such a wonderful girl. I'm gonna give her a call and thank her as soon as I grab something to eat.