Getting This Beer Drinkers Club Gathering Started!

Alright, this Beer Drinkers club gathering is getting started! Heck yeah! Hehe, Tara and Harper were having a drink together. Harper was telling Tara about her sexual adventures was Stephon. The look on Tara's face, it was just completely priceless, lol! She actually looked kinda uncomfortable. Man, Harper and Stephon are just so filthy when it comes to this stuff, and they're just so open about it, lol! Anyways, I chimed in and broke up the dirty talk. I asked Harper if she was having a good time, just like Genevieve she wasn't here for the first gathering. She said that she was having an awesome time and that she’s gonna try to make it to more of these gatherings as long as her work schedule doesn't interfere.

Me and my dad were having a drink and talking about how much of a good idea it was to come up with the Beer Drinkers club. Not only was the idea for the club itself awesome, but using the Old Quarter Inn as our dedicated spot for our gatherings was also a pretty damb good idea. What better place is there to drink a lot of good booze than an old fashioned pub, it’s just perfect!

Although it’s still quite early into the night, we've all had quite a few drinks already. We're drinking pretty damn fast tonight! Tara was having her next drink, and me, Harper, and my dad were cheering her on to chug it down like a champ. She looked at us with confidence in her eyes, and then she chugged that giant glass of beer down as if it were water. I have to say that I was quite impressed. She definitely knows how to chug beer down like a champ.

Stephon’s been pretty quiet so far tonight. In matter of fact we almost forgot about him, lol! I went for a brief search to find him, and I found him sitting by himself at the far end of the bar counter. I laughed at him and called him a loner. He laughed back and implied that he was just enjoying some self personal time before he takes over the party. Personal time, eh!? I jabbed him in the shoulder and laughed at him again.

Also, my mother showed up as well. She's not a member of the Beer Drinkers club, but she came because she wanted to see my dad have a good time. She said that he's been a little cranky over the last couple of weeks because work's been really getting to him. I guess they got a new boss and apparently he's a jerk and has been on my dad’s case since day one. It is true that nothing makes a workplace more uncomfortable than a jerk boss who always finds something to slam you with.

Well, as I already mentioned that the night is still young. There's still so much more drinking left to do. Since this is our second Beer Drinkers club gathering, we gotta increase the volume of alcohol consumed! That means it's time for another drink!

Harper was going on a rant about her and Stephon's sexual adventures. Tara looked a bit uncomfortable, so I chimed in on their conversation and switched the subject.

Me and my dad talking about the Beer Drinkers club.

Tara chugging down some beer like a champ.

Stephon sitting by himself like a loner, lol!

My mom also showed up.