Drunk and Playing Darts

We just finished playing a game of darts, and now we’re having another round of drinks. I tell you one thing, darts is a pretty damn difficult game when you're playing drunk, hehe! You should have seen Genevieve. When she tried to throw the dart it fell behind her, lol! Stephon was trying to be a show off. The way he was throwing the darts was like he was trying to be some kind of a Roman soldier throwing a spear. Sadly for him though his accuracy was way off. However, my dad did pretty damn good. He’s pretty loaded too, but he even scored a bullseye. He's just a natural at this game. I remember the last time we played against each other, he kicked my butt. Anyways, me and Tara didn't do too well either. I barely even made it on the board. Harper did okay, but still a long way from good. It was a good game though, and we all had a lot of fun. Cheers to that!