A Celebrity

Apparently there's a celebrity hanging around the Old Quarter Inn tonight. People are going all wild and chanting Brytani Cho, the lady with the short white hair in the photo. Tara was saying that this lady was apparently a celebrity from Del Sol Valley, one of the communities near Willow Creek. Meh, I never heard of her and I don't care either. I've never been too interested in celebrities to be honest. Besides, I'm just having too much fun to get all hyped about a celebrity. I tell you though, dancing is really hard and tiring. I had to sit down and take a break. I don't know how Tara does it, she's still dancing. I yelled to get her attention, and when she turned to look at me I blew her a kiss. She smiled and blew a kiss back to me. Shortly after, I got up and went over to the foosball table and sang as loud as I could. Tara, Stephon, and my dad were laughing at me. If there's one thing that’s worst than my dancing it’s definitely my singing, lol!